Smudge Spray

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This smudge spray is for meditation, cleansing the air, energetic protection and increasing good vibrations.

Made with organic white sage and palo santo to keep the good vibes vibing.

This smudge spray has also been infused with the gem essences of tourmaline for protection, Rose Quartz for love, clear quartz to enhance the energy of the of the Spray, and Amethyst for abundance.

Use before meditation & prayer to cleanse the space and energy of the room. Also to clear an altar, crystals, sacred objects, aura/energy fields or to clear a room of negativity.  

Great for the car, a hotel room, cleansing and clearing an altar or scared space, or any space that needs the energy cleaned up.

Packaged in a lightweight steel tin spray bottle, easy to pack and non breakable.

*tin spray bottle, not plastic
*shipped & packed with compostable materials
*made with organic & fairtrade ingredients