Balancing Face Oil for Acne Prone Skin

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Organic Face Oil for acne prone and sensitive skin with tea tree and lavender.

♥ Golden Jojoba oil for its ability to balance and hydrate all skin types
♥Tea tree essential to balance ph and oil production, and is soothing to irritated skin
♥ Lavender for its calming and cleansing properties

This is a simple oil for sensitive skin that is prone to acne with a few powerful ingredients to help skin return to a more balanced place.

*Wash face with a gentle cleanser, your personal favorite or try the Honey Face Wash (good for sensitive skin, cleansing yet non drying). Apply a small pump of Face Oil to slightly damp skin. The water on your face helps the oils soak in faster and oils in the Face Oil help the water stay locked in skin for deeper hydration.

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