Sacred Smudge Spray

Sacred Smudge Spray

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Sacred Smudge Spray for meditation, cleansing energy, spaces, crystals, etc. and for energetic protection and increasing good vibrations.

♥ juniper removes stuck negative energy, cleanses body, home, crystals, energy
♥ pine offers protection & barrier to negative energies
♥ rosemary offers psychic & mental protection, wards off ill intentions
♥ cedar for strength & protection, and connection to earth energy
♥ sage (Garden) cleanses energy and brings it back to balance

Use before meditation & prayer to cleanse the space and energy of the room. Also to clear an altar, crystals, sacred objects, aura/energy fields or to clear a room of negativity.

Great for the car, a hotel room, cleansing and clearing an altar or scared space, or any space that needs the energy cleaned up.

Packaged in a lightweight steel tin spray bottle, easy to pack and non breakable.

*glass spray bottle
*shipped & packed with compostable materials
*made with organic & fairtrade ingredients

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