White Rose Clay Mask

White Rose Clay Mask

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White Clay Rose Mask is a soothing mask gentle enough for all skin types. It replenishes and restores the skin while gently drawing toxins out from pores, leaving a soft and cleansed glow. Supported by marshmallow root and rose this mask is very calming and supportive to the skin while still being cleansing. 

Can be used as a mask or face cleanser.
Lasts about 2-3months depending on use.

Ingredients: White Clay, Marshmallow Root, Essential Oils of Rose, & Chamomile

Awesome Ingredients

♥White clay is known for its ability to draw toxins from the skin, it is powerful and gentle enough for all skin types.

♥Marshmallow root soothes and heals the skin with its strong anti inflammatory properties, helping to restore balance and to calm red/irritated skin. 

♥Rose essential oil revitalizes the skin giving it a soft glow, and the chamomile essential oil works with the marshmallow to further the soothing anti-inflammatory affect.

To use, mix a small scoop of the clay with water to form a paste. Spread gently over clean skin. Rinse clean with warm water before the clay fully dries. Follow with a toner then moisturizer.

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